How This Blog Was Made

Short answer: It’s WordPress on my local machine, and a static site on the cyber web.

Long answer: All writing happens on my computer at home. I use VCCW (a WordPress installation on a vagrant box) to write and arrange all of the content. To deploy, I use the Simply Static wordpress plugin, which creates a static directory of html pages mimicking the structure of my wordpress installation.

There’s no Javascript on this blog because I didn’t need any. There is a ServiceWorker, so I guess you could count that (everything works offline), but you get it. In terms of CSS, there is about 2kb worth. That will more than likely grow as this blog does, but it gets the job done. Please feel free to reach out on twitter if you notice something that looks broken.


If you’ve read this far, enjoy this wonderful picture of Christopher Walken as my gift to you.


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